Top 20 Courses To Study in 2019

Top 20 Courses To Study in 2019

March 8, 2019 0 By admin

Top 20 Courses To Study in 2019. There are general perceptions about the value of the courses studied at the university. Some courses are seen as useless because career opportunities for them are very low and they are not generally valued. And some are seen as very perspective because they have the value already in Nigeria and they come with more opportunities than every other course.

Below are the top courses or discipline you can study in 2019.

The courses are ranked from the least to the best.

20. Theatre Arts

You might be surprised to see this course among our top 20 best courses in Nigeria. But this is quite true because Theatre Arts is becoming increasingly popular with the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industries and many opportunities are opening in this industry. So if you love entertainment and things related to it, you should strongly consider doing Theatre Art.

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